Shaw Floors Carpet Stain Center

The iPhone application, named Carpet Stain Center, allows around-the-clock availability of clear, concise carpet stain removal procedures for most common household stains. Easy-to-access, step-by-step cleaning instructions are now one touch away. The Carpet Stain Center application is a free download from the iPhone app store and is compatible with iPhone and the iPad.

What Is Your Stain?

The Carpet Stain Center system houses almost 1,000 stains with cleaning instructions. The application is unique to the flooring industry, offering real-time solutions "as life happens." From leaking "sippy cups", to monstrous disasters like food fights, you will be equipped to handle life's messes with one iPhone application.
Shaw Is There For You

The Carpet Stain Center application contains real-time carpet care information from a trusted source.

The Carpet Stain Center app features stain and soil resistant brands like premium Anso® nylon, which is treated with Shaw's patented stain and soil repellency treatment, R2x™. With product features such as R2x, Shaw is committed to providing quality products with the highest stain and soil resistance offered today. 

Because stains and spills happen in everyday life, we offer the Carpet Stain Center for one-touch solutions.